The First Fashion Designer

Fashion is everywhere. We can’t leave our homes in the morning without connecting with fashion. Television ads bombard us with sales and specials from our favorite clothing stores; while many of us frequently check our favorite online stores for the next popular fashion trend. Sewing bloggers give us detailed instructions on what to sew and how to sew it. This love of clothes and fashion is likely to never cease, but when did it start and whom did it start with?

Charles Frederick Worth is credited as the first designer to have his label sewn into the garments he created in the 1800’s. Let’s go back a bit further, way back, all the way to the beginning………

In the Biblical beginning, Adam and Eve initially had no need for clothes. Then there was a pesky piece of fruit, which changed everything. Realization brought forth shame and shame caused the couple to hide from the One who loved them and made every provision for them. Read Genesis Chapter 3 from the Holy Bible to get the full story.

I can understand the stress Adam and Eve felt due to clothing, or the lack thereof. Growing up in a single parent home made good clothing choices limited. I remember my first pair of designer jeans. Jordache. I felt so good that day. I felt like I wasn’t just some welfare kid as I sat eating my lunch alone. I felt like I was one of the popular kids, at least for a few moments that day.

Genesis 3:21 shows us the First Fashion Designer; God Almighty. He solves the newfound issue of nakedness by making garments of skin for the couple.

What’s your fashion story? When you think about a particular garment, how did it make you feel?